Floral Chair

Floral Chair Photo.jpg

For all my sisters out there...

While tightening the springs on this vintage parlor chair, a receipt for Winn Dixie (1982) fell out. I was still trying to decide on a design, so this was a bit of luck, as it inspired me to paint a mountain of flowers on it, along with the butterfly.

How did I go from a grocery store receipt to flowers?

I immediately started to imagine all the women who may have sat in this chair (probably from the 1930's forward).  Who melted into the chair after a long day tending to chores, kids and groceries? Was she happy? Was she struggling?  Was she tired?

Was she hoping to be surprised by her husband with a bouquet of flowers, only to have him come home empty handed, looking for his dinner?

Who knows?

All I know is I wanted to get a message across to all the beautiful, hard working and most often times, exhausted women out there...

Don't wait for anyone to bring you flowers.  Pick yourself a bouquet. Rest when you need to.  You deserve it.

Be the purveyor of your own happiness.

With Love,

A fellow sister

Melissa Jackson