"I thoroughly enjoy Melissa's artwork. I'm a nature lover and an animal lover and her artwork spoke to me the first time that I saw it.  I also love that every piece has a touch of whimsy to it, that transcends you to another world, one of complete peace and joy.  Not only is Melissa's work inspiring, but she is a warm and kind person with a huge heart and love for what she does.  She is talented in so many ways." -Rhonda Dalton

"There was a desk.  It was a simple desk.  Melissa could have done so much with it.  I kind of constrained her abilities by asking for something simple.  She worked with me.  Music along the sides of the drawer pulls.  In many ways it was the baseline of her abilities.  She created an incredible desk that was simple, yet with subtle magic.  I'm so grateful." -Mab Morris, Author     www.mabmorris.com

"I've placed two separate orders with Melissa.  In addition to gorgeous artwork, they arrived well packaged and gift ready.  I wouldn't hesitate to order from her again." -Angelia Jipson 

"I have two gorgeous pieces of art from Melissa.  She is very talented and you can tell that love goes into each piece she creates.  I would highly recommend her!"  -Stacy Taylor

"Melissa is an artist who is guided by nature and captures people's true life stories.  Her art is timeless, classy and with a story to go along with it.  We can all relate to her art at sometime in our life.  Bute that is not all; she can focus and bring your art dreams to life.  She strives for high quality even on the smallest of projects.  Her art helps heal souls along their journey.  I'm so glad that she shares her art with us, to be able to enjoy it in our own story and setting."  -Kathrin Recinos

"I have purchased several prints in Melissa's angel series and I must say, they're even better to see in person.  Her pieces bring me peace and happiness when I look at them, and each time I'm in awe of her talent. I also have several prints-and an original-from her shelter animal series.  Being an animal lover myself, it didn't take any convincing for me to purchase these pieces knowing that a portion of the proceeds would benefit the shelter of her choosing. I've also given magnets and other small items as gifts to others.  Although Melissa and I haven't seen each other since we were young adults, seeing her work, and sharing it with others, makes me happy and I get to support an artist I knew "back when". -Antoinette Tryniszewski

"I've bought many items over the years from Melissa Jackson and pleased with the quality of everything.  I especially love her throw pillows with her artwork printed on them with a removable cover for washing.  I've also bought her magnets, note cards, coffee mug, several prints and an original.  Even the way Melissa packages her products speaks to her artistic flair and love of her craft.  Melissa puts a lot of love in what she does and what she does is heARTwork. -Yvette Martin


"Melissa's paintings are stunning.  You can hear her birds chirp, feel the soft fur of her squirrels, and hear her angels sing.  Her subjects are diverse and can be found on fabric, furniture, ornaments, wood, and canvas.  I wish I could own them all!" -Laura Yedvobnick


"I purchased one of Melissa's hand painted Christmas ornaments this year.  The detail was so intricate as you can see that she speaks love through her art.  I've had so many compliments on the ornament, and I encourage you to check out her art.  You will not be disappointed!"- Tammy Bowling


"I purchased a small piece of art recently from Melissa Jackson, Artist.  As soon as I saw a photo of the little white church with glowing yellow lights, I just knew I needed to have it as it flooded me with memories and stories from a loved one who had passed away.  As a fellow artist, I truly believe that good art should stir an emotional connection to its owner.  Melissa's talent and creativity never cease to amaze me."- Kimberly Sminkey

“I proudly display multiple pieces of art by Melissa. Every print and painting is evident of being done with passion and heart. She never disappoints!” - Nicole Archer

“I have bought several pieces from Melissa and absolutely cherish each one! Her detail and creativity is amazing. I regularly share her work with my friends who also have bought from her with full satisfaction. You too will be 100% satisfied and thrilled with anything that you purchase from her.” - Caryl Hammock